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The International Development Program is a world class program for Elite and U19 juniors who have demonstrated a desire, commitment, and skills necessary to compete at the highest international level.  Athletes in the International Development Program follow highly individualized training programs based on fluid periodization schemes, where training and restoration methodology is tailored to fit the unique characteristics of the individual athlete



The Foundation Program provides a complete step by step system of athletic development that takes young athletes, age 12 and up, through goal oriented, performance targeted stages.  The stages and training levels are carefully chosen to match the physical and emotional maturity level of the young athlete.  The foundation years are critical in athletic development, training loads and methodology must be carefully chosen to assure the safety and long term development of the young cyclist.   Our elite riders in the International Development Program act as mentors to our Foundation level riders, often training right alongside the younger riders.  We feel this is a critical aspect of our Foundation Program.  The Foundation Program provides you with every tool you will need to reach your potential as a track cyclist.



We coach master aged athletes as well.  While our primary focus is on the development of elite  and junior competitors we do coach masters.  We recognize competitive cycling as a lifetime sport and love to see our Master riders still swinging for the fence.  We also highly value our master’s riders, as they provide a wealth of experience and good advice for our youngsters. In fact, that’s our only additional requirement for a master rider, give back some of what you have learned over the years to the youngsters.

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Strength and Power Developed in the gym lays the foundation for the track sprint and endurance athlete.  Depending on the phase of training, Edge Cycling riders train year-round in the gym 2-3 times per week.  A generic strength program doesn't cut it for a serious competitor.  The gym must be designed to complement what is being done on the bike.  Strength training can make or break a cyclist.  Our gym programs are scientifically developed, highly specialized, individualized, and supervised for your safety and development.  We train at our personal Edge Cycling gym located in Breinigsville, PA.  About 5 miles from the velodrome.


Edge Cycling athletes train on the track from 3 to 4 times per week at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown.   Session can vary from accelerations, standing starts, max velocity, to lactate production/tolerance work.  Sessions are always measured for performance or monitored and evaluated on technical execution by coaches and staff.

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Edge Cycling owns a fleet of Wattbikes that we use for winter or foul weather training.  We also use the Wattbike for certain types of training efforts year-round.  The Wattbike gives a tremendous amount of feedback and provides a world class tool for training and measuring the status of a rider’s condition or readiness.


Edge Cycling riders regularly undergo testing on the Wattbikes to assess their current condition and progress.  We also offer physiological testing and power profiling assessments. These sessions  are used for the purpose of talent identification or as a service for cyclist or potential cyclist outside of our team.



Edge Cycling athletes sometimes use motor-paced or motor-chase training to target specific neuro-motor abilities on the bike.  The motor is used for both over-speed training and to draw greater acceleration from a rider.  Training sessions can be arranged for non-team riders who are certified after signing a waiver at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center.


Not all our riders live in the Lehigh Valley area.  To help develop talent and provide coaching to riders outside of the area we offer online coaching options.  Gym programming, alternatives to track training, and road work can be prescribed with detailed training spreadsheets, the TrainingPeaks platform, and live streaming into team meetings.  Remotely coached riders are always welcome to join us in local training sessions if they are in town.

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