Our Story:

In six years Edge Cycling has grown from a single athlete and 4 championship medals to a powerhouse of 35 athletes who most recently dominated the sprint events at the U.S. National Championships.  In 2016 Edge Cycling athletes won 7 out of 8 possible gold medals at the Elite level and 10 gold medals in the junior championships.  Edge Cycling continued success in 2017 with seven individual athletes winning 10 gold medals at the National Championships.  Edge Cycling also collected 9 silver and 5 bronze.  Four junior rider were selected for the U.S. World Championship team.  Two athletes were selected to the Pan-Am Championships squad where they collected a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze medal.  One athlete earned  an automatic qualification spot for the 2018 World Championships in Belarus.


Who we are:

What is it that takes Edge Cycling Athletes to the top?  Winning Cycling is a Science.  Edge Cycling has developed systems of world class physiological training, tactical preparation, psychological readiness, and technical expertise to enable young athletes to grow from the early junior stages of development to become International stars. 

But it goes much beyond the systems we have developed.   


We believe Team Culture is the separator between good and great. Every day, Edge Cycling athletes live in a culture that demands and encourages personal and competitive excellence.  Going a step further, our culture is supported by our Core Foundational Principle, INTEGRITY.  We believe and live the law of Integrity, “To the Degree Integrity is Diminished, the Opportunity for Performance is Diminished”


Our Goals:

While Edge Cycling has had much success on domestic soil, we are thinking and planning much bigger things.  In 2016, we launched the initiative “INTEGRITY 2020”.   Our vision is to win the biggest track sprint events in the world by year 2020, including World Cups, Continental Championships, World Championships, and ultimately the Olympic Games.  Alongside this goal is growing and strengthening our Foundation Program, our junior development program, which provides a place where young juniors can experience the Edge Culture, train alongside our Elite Athletes, and perhaps develop into future international stars themselves. 




Andrew Harris is the founder of Edge Cycling and currently serves as the Performance Director and Head Coach.  Prior to the formation of Edge Cycling, Andrew coached individual athletes and served as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to several championship teams.


As the Head Coach of Edge Cycling, Andrew applies the latest scientific research, innovative training methodology,  and unique teaching techniques, and combines this with his own practical knowledge and experience gained from years in the competitive cycling arena both as a rider and coach. 

As the team’s Performance Director, Andrew continues to assemble a team of riders, experts, and consultants that are driving the success of Edge Cycling.  From psychology, to business leaders, to technical experts, it’s the Team that raises the performance and drives the success of the organization.

By assembling a winning team, Andrew and Edge Cycling have amassed 147 National Championship medals including 52 National Championships.  Six athletes have represented the U.S. at Junior World 

Championships, 5 athletes have been selected to represent the U.S. at the Pan-Am Championships, one has completed two World Cup Season and was selected to the 2016 Olympic Long Team. 


Andrew is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and received a Master of Sport Science degree from the United States Sports Academy.  Andrew worked briefly in Sport Science research at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport before his passion led him to return to coaching and the competitive cycling arena.  



Nitin is a dynamic, multiple award winner, results-oriented progressive leader backed with 16 years of consistent proven success in managing high profile product and marketing teams to develop, launch and market products for retail, wholesale, carrier and enterprise markets both nationally and internationally. 

Nitin has led multiple high performance product strategy, marketing and business operations teams for world’s largest corporations within Healthcare, Telecom and Financial  industry. Includes devising strategy and execution for Fortune 500 customers within these industries.


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